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Holding Hope


"We have found the couples counselling experience with Ellen a wholly positive one. Ellen puts you quickly at your ease with her warmth and empathy, and remains even handed and understanding throughout every session. There is no judgement, and we feel we can say anything in front of her. Initially I was concerned that my husband especially would find it uncomfortable opening up to a stranger, but we both very quickly grew to trust Ellen and feel comfortable in our sessions. She helps you to realise how normal your problems are, offering reassurance at all times, and how understandable your subsequent feelings and reactions are. She has given us useful coping mechanisms and consistently praises even our most humble efforts! Ellen is a very kind, understanding and insightful counsellor and we enjoy our work with her and find it invaluable."
"My partner was uncertain about accessing counselling, not being something he had ever done before, but he said he felt more comfortable than he expected and was pleasantly surprised by the experience! It enabled us to have a neutral space in which we could consider what could be improved in our relationship, but Ellen helped us to focus on the positives, which turned out to be what we really needed and we both came away feeling better about ourselves, closer and remembering why we were together."