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Strengthen relationships

‘Hold me Tight©’ couples counselling groups

Hold me Tight is a 7-week course, written by Dr Sue Johnson, the pioneer of EFT, for couples who want to take time out to strengthen their relationship and gain insight and help in strengthening their communication, intimacy and connection. This psycho-educational course is based on evidence-based research to help couples continue to enjoy feeling close and connected throughout their relationship.
Is it for us?
The course is intended to help a range of couples- from those who would like the chance to reflect together about their relationship at a deeper level, to couples who feel stuck in their relationship and are trying to find a way back to connection and closeness but are unsure how.

The weekly group runs for a maximum of 8 couples, and uses a mixture of information & presentations, video clips of how this approach works and exercises that are designed for you to work through in your couples.

Topics include:
  • Week One: Introduction to idea of attachment in couple relationships
  • Week Two: The Demon Dialogues
  • Week three: Raw Spots
  • Week Four: Rocky Moments
  • Week Five: Hold Me Tight conversation
  • Week Six: Facing Injuries
  • Week Seven: Sex and long-term connection

The course is suitable for any couple that has been married or in a committed relationship for over two years. It runs over seven evenings, for 2 hours per week.

For the next course dates, or to register your interest, please contact me below.

(Please note that this course is not suitable for couples in extreme relational distress and individual couple counselling may be more suitable).

How much will it cost?

£250 per couple (7 week course).